Featured Image for Flat Earthers believe the Space X launch was a fake … well, of course they do

Flat Earthers believe the Space X launch was a fake … well, of course they do

While the scientific community is still buzzing about the implications of the Falcon launch in the advancement of space travel, flat Earthers are trying to discredit it. And we wonder why aliens never seem to make contact with us.

Last week, Elon Musk and his company Space X blasted a red Tesla Roadster into space to test the most powerful rocket ever used since NASA’s Saturn V. Some people have taken the aeronautical engineering feat as the perfect excuse to slam those who believe our planet is a flat disc.

But flat Earth proponents are certainly not taking the ridicule quietly.

They’ve gone on social media in droves to put into question the launch, concocting all kinds of theories that range from secret plots by the Illuminati to labeling the images as nothing but bad CGI.

The savviest of the bunch are claiming the whole thing is nothing but an elaborated PR stunt to overshadow the fact that Tesla recently filed their biggest ever quarterly loss.

The Flat Earth Society, their official organization, described the video as “a good car ad,” prompting their followers on Twitter to ask: “Why would we believe any privately-held company to report the truth?”

And yes, actually, they do have a point with this one. But haven’t they wielded in the past a similar argument against NASA? That we can’t trust the government to report the truth? So I ask, what’s the score here?

Governments lie, private companies also lie. But wait, their own efforts to send a man in space are also sponsored by private companies… hmm, the whole thing is a beautiful double entendre isn’t it?

For instance, the channel ‘Truthneversleeps‘ regularly tells its more than one hundred thousand followers about conspiracy theories. The YouTuber’s claims include links between Eagles winning the Super Bowl to the “flight of the falcon,” the name ‘Saturn’ actually meaning ‘Satan’, and that NASA was started by the Nazis.

Another Flat Earther Delano Edwards has a channel with more than a half a million followers. He claims Elon Musk’s video is a fake because, “where the fuck the stars at?”

Edwards also discredits the video because you can’t see the planet spinning and claims the ‘CGI’ is so bad he could’ve done something better with a few dollars and a green screen.

“You make billions of dollars every fucking year and this is the best shit you can come up with?” he said. “From us being Flat-Earthers at least let us say ‘well you did a good job this time,’ I can do better than this with five dollars and the green screen.”

He added: “You gotta be a retarded person to believe that this shit is real. Wake the fuck up.”

The flat Earthers even have a term for those of us who are amazed by Space X’s achievement: Muskbots.

I wonder… If the Flat Earth Society ever succeeds in taking a man to lower orbit, and the guy does actually manage to take a photograph of the planet without dying… will they discredit themselves?

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