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Dream job? Cadbury wants to pay YOU to eat chocolate all day long

Mondelez International, the owner of Cadbury, Oreo, and Milka, has opened applications for chocolate tasters. No, this is not a drill, now you can cave into that sweet temptation and get paid for it.

The giant food corporation is currently seeking for one full-time chocolate taster, two part-time chocolate tasters, and another part-time chocolate and cocoa beverage taster.

The positions are based at Reading Scientific Services Ltd on the Whiteknights campus of Reading University, with part-time vacancies only 7.5 hours a week. Why didn’t this ever come up when I was in college?

Fresh from the #WonderVault, welcome Filled Cupcake flavored OREO cookies. In stores now. #USonly

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Compensation will be around US$12.45 (AUS$15) an hour to be a sensory panelist, and your task will be to help Mondelez launch new products all over the world by stuffing yourself with all the chocolate you can handle and giving your opinion in return.

The position includes training to develop your taste buds and get you acquainted with the technical vocabulary you need to give them feedback they can use. So no, just saying “delicious” or muttering a muffled “hmm, hmm” is not accepted.

The job doesn’t require any specific experience though, so no need to put in your CV that time you stuck Oreos up your nose when you were a kid. It does obviously require that you don’t have any allergies or diet restrictions.

<밀카 4종 릴레이 #이벤트> – 궁금한 밀카_해피카우! 초콜릿 속 얼룩소 무늬😍 이런 초콜릿 먹어봤나요? – 🍫참여 방법  1.milka 본 계정을 팔로우 한다.  2.본 게시물 좋아요를 누른다.  3.댓글에 밀카를 함께 먹고 싶은 친구를 태그한다. – 🍫이벤트 기간  2월 8일(목)~2월 13일(화) – 🍫당첨자 발표  2월 13일(화) – 🍫경품  한 분에게 밀카 초콜릿 4종을 드립니다. –  #해피카우 #블랙앤화이트 #얼룩무늬는복불복 #밀카 #알프스 #릴라 #마음까지_부드럽게 #milka #alps

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You think you have what it takes? Ready to go into the heart of paradise and come back with a serious sugar problem?

Here is all the info you need to apply. First, hand over your CV to Mondelez. If they fancy your set of skills, you’ll be required to attend an assessment day which involves tasting up to 10 samples per day and sharing your thoughts with a group of experts.

If you get past that filter, you’ll be asked to go back for a second time for the final stage of selection, in which you’ll have to go through a short competency-based interview.

So let the hunger games begin!

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