Watching this surreal music video is what getting high looks like

Oslo-based animator and illustrator Steph Hope has directed a music video that looks more like an acid trip that an actual music video.

The video was made for London jazz trio ‘Vels Trio’, and their track 40 Point. It features animations of human heads getting ripped apart or rolled around like balls of clay. This strange sequence is made even more surreal with a psychedelic kaleidoscope-like background and that intense jazzy music.

According to Hope, the entire video was painstakingly hand drawn on paper, then coloured digitally.

Vels Trio - 40 Point

We spoke to Steph Hope to know more about the making of this bizarre music video.

Tell us how this animated video for Vels Trio came about?

“I knew the drummer, they needed a music video, and I like their music – which is definitely helpful when you are making a music video. They are going on tour soon so I hope I can see them live!”

How long did it take to create and talk us through your idea for the video?

“In total, it probably took two to three months, but I was working on a few other things at the same time. The idea came from listening to the band and imagining their brains slicing and dicing around each other when they were playing live, so I animated that with floating head portraits of them and the guest saxophonist.”

Vels Trio - 40 Point

Tell us more about your background as an animator.

“I studied Illustration at Brighton University but started also doing a lot of animation when I was there. I’m a 2D animator who draws on paper with pencil and brush pens and a lightbox, then I colour it digitally. Now, I live in Oslo, and I’m freelance and it’s really fun!”

Who are some of the animators that excite you? And what about some of your favourite bands to listen to?

“Animators that excite me: Chuck Jones, Peter Millard, Victoria Vincent. At the moment, I am listening a lot to Mild High Club and Alice Coltrane!”

Vels Trio - 40 Point

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