Featured Image for This guy traveled around Europe for FREE by meeting girls on Tinder

This guy traveled around Europe for FREE by meeting girls on Tinder

With Airbnb, Couchsurfing, and cheap hostels set up in just about every major city on the planet, backpacking the world on a budget has never been easier.

But for young Belgium-born backpacker, Anthony Botta, these cheap options were just the tip of the iceberg.

The 26-year old has been using Tinder Plus, the premium version of the popular dating app which allows users to choose the city they want to match people in, to swipe right (into a bed) wherever he travels.

My new Tindersurfing video is available now on Youtube. And believe me it is a sick one… Welcome to Poland 🔴⚪ Link in bio. #Tindersurfing #Uozzap

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He calls the concept ‘Tinder-surfing’, a cross between Tinder and Couchsurfing. And whilst he may sound a bit sleazy at first, Anthony was completely upfront about his intentions to every woman he matched.

The backpacking playboy made a video introducing himself and ‘Tinder-surfing’ which he would send to each match. Swiping ahead, Anthony set up a place to stay before he arrived in each city.

However, despite claiming to have over 3,000 matches, his most common response was along the lines of: “Good luck, but it’s not for me.”

His end-of-university adventure went for over two months, and saw him stay with 21 different women throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

Many of his hosts were also more than happy to show him around their hometown, so he got to check out the cool local hotspots as well as the usual tourist destinations.

What's up Italia 🇮🇹 ! Dopo l'articolo pubblicato sulla Repubblica un paio de giorni fa siete sempre più numerosi a seguirmi dall'Italia. Vi piacerebbe vedere un Tindersurfing "special Italy"? Dove dovrei andare per trovare le ragazze più belle?! Fatemi sapere nei commenti! #Uozzap #Tindersurfing #TheZebottaLife English translation: pizza spaghetti mamma mia 😂🍕🍝

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The young charmer posted regular video updates of his Tinder-surfing adventure to his YouTube channel. And with his mum watching every episode, he made sure he was always on his best behaviour.

Anthony said that he didn’t meet “the one” on his travels, but he offered to return the favour if any of his hosts found themselves in his hometown of Brussels.

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