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This douche got punched in the face after his racist, pro-Trump tirade

For some reason, this random guy in Los Angeles felt compelled to stalk, pursue and harass a woman with racist insults, earning the ire of a bystander who couldn’t resist the urge to punch the guy in the face to end his hate-filled tirade.

Although we don’t condone violence in any way, and violence does beget more violence, let’s face it: this guy was going too far and we all have the right to stand up to hate.

Last week, 29-year-old Jeanne Heo was riding LA’s Red Line metro on her way to a meeting. She had her eyes closed, just relaxing until she opened them to the sight of this stranger just staring at her.

“Are you tired?” the guy asked her. “You look sleepy.”

At first she thought he was flirting and ignored him, but he continued to poke her with questions.

“Do you speak English? Are you American?”

She laconically replied with a “yes”, but noticed the situation was taking an odd turn as the guy kept insisting on hassling her.

She got off the train at North Hollywood station, and while she was looking up directions on her phone, she noticed the guy had followed her.

“Where are your genetics from? Are you Korean?,” he continued prodding her.

“I kind of had this feeling this guy is trying to bother me,” Heo told BuzzFeed News.

She decided to start filming the guy and captured, in all its loneliness, the fluid string of insults that followed.

“Let’s nuke you…Trump, God bless Trump, we’re going to nuke you guys,” was just one of the things he shouted at her.

Her clip has been retweeted more than 20,000 times so far, and one person has actually recognized the guy. 38 year old actor Kaj-Erik Eriksen replied in a tweet saying the douche was a member of his gym, a 24 Hour Fitness in North Hollywood, located near to where the video was shot.

“Everyone knows who this guy is because he wears those aviator sunglasses,” Eriksen said, “He always wears those jeans.”

Eriksen actually drove to the gym on Tuesday and urged an assistant manager to cancel the racist’s membership. “If these racists want to come out of the woodwork and be so ballsy, they have to suffer the consequences,” he said.

Heo has her doubts about if that would bring justice to her.

“If that were to happen, how does that change his ideologies though? How does it get to the source of his hate or his ignorance or his pain or his trauma? I don’t know if it does,” she adds. “That might just aggravate his anger towards people who are ‘other’. I think it’s enough that it went viral and his face is exposed.”

She also posted the clip on Facebook, but ironically, the video was removed because it went against its community standards.

Heo recalls that after she stopped filming the guy doing his little act – flipping his finger at her and cussing – one of the two guys with whom she exchanged looks on the subway approached the racist and punched him in the face.

Not content with the beating, the guy just kept spouting hate: “Get back in your cage, you n*ggers are all the same,” he shouted, according to Heo.

“Immediate street justice,” she said.

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