Featured Image for Adidas’ new sneakers come with a year’s worth of Berlin train rides in them

Adidas’ new sneakers come with a year’s worth of Berlin train rides in them

In early January, Adidas partnered with Berlin transit authorities to release a limited sneaker that, aside from having a stunning design, comes with an annual train pass attached to the tongue. Win/win.

The public-transport friendly sneaker is the Adidas EQT-Support 92/Berlin. The overall design is similar to their EQT line, but these sport a collage of colors inspired by the seat covers used in Berlin’s public train system.

The new sneakers were devised to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (or BVG for short), Berlin’s main public transport company. The launch date was last January 16th, and the train pass is valid for the entirety of 2018.

Adidas EQT-Support 92/Berlin

The train pass is actually sewn into the tongue of the shoe. Every time you’re asked for your ticket you just have to lift your foot up. A world of hilarious blunders awaits!

Now if the whole idea sparks your interest, prepare to fork out a lot of cash. And we mean A LOT. Adidas produced only 500 pairs that sold out in just hours. The limited edition shoe was only available at their flagship store in Berlin and at popular clothing shop Overkill, prompting fans to camp outside for days before the launch.

Adidas EQT-Support 92/Berlin

The sneakers were priced at 180 euros, (US$220 or AUS$282) which is a total bargain if you take into account that an annual BVG train pass costs 728 euros. (US$890 or AUS$1,140).

Now the shoes have a price tag of more than 2,100 euros (US$2,576 or AUS$3,290 ) on eBay, which is just plain lunacy. Someone actually bought a pair for a whopping 1,499 euros (US$1,838 or AUS$2,348 ), which is more than twice of what the annual train pass is worth.

Adidas EQT-Support 92/Berlin

The campaign is reminiscent of Nike’s limited edition Air Max sneakers launched back in 2013 in occasion of the London Underground’s 150th anniversary. The shoes also had a design inspired by the public transport system, although those didn’t come with the ticket feature.

Your move, New York City subway.

Adidas EQT-Support 92/Berlin

Adidas EQT-Support 92/Berlin

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