This student built a tiny house so he can avoid paying dorm rent

Not wanting to pay rent on a dorm, college student Bradly from Jacksonville, Florida, decided to build his own living space: a tiny house he fondly calls Rolling Quarters.

The 230-square foot mobile abode is located in a creek near his campus. Unlike your average cramped and smelly dorm, Rolling Quarters gives off the feeling of home, with airy interiors reminiscent of log cabins. It also boasts of space-saving features such as storage spaces under the stairs, a loft, and a folding study table.

Heck, it even has a porch that lets him chill on his days off from uni.

According to Bradley, he started building his tiny house after realising it was more practical than renting a dorm.

“Right out of high school I went and paid a year’s worth of rent and decided that wasn’t for me,” he said. “So I moved back home to save some money and pay for it all in cash to build it.”

To do it, he set aside a budget of US$15,000 (AUS$19,300). He then bought a 27-foot-long flatbed trailer, and started buying both new and used materials, the latter he bought on Craigslist.

With help from friends and family, he was able to finish Rolling Quarters in time for college.

Aside from saving him money, the project has taught him valuable life lessons.

“It taught me I can do more than I think I can. Before doing some of the things, such as electrics, I thought I might contract that out but after I got my hands dirty and went through the whole process it seems a lot simpler now.”

If you’d like to stay a night in Bradley’s ‘dorm’, you can find it on AirBnb.