Featured Image for Pop It Pal: A new toy that will satisfy all your pimple-popping urges

Pop It Pal: A new toy that will satisfy all your pimple-popping urges

Forget watching Dr. Pimple Popper. Now you can actually be a Dr. Pimple Popper.

‘Pop It Pal’ is a new toy that lets you pop pimples, without having to worry about infection or scarring. Made from skin-safe silicone, its surface has faux pimples that you can squeeze to bring out that lovely and oddly satisfying ooze.

Even better, it comes with an ‘all natural pus’ bottle, so you can refill the faux skin and keep on squeezing over and over again.


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According to its creators Billy and Summer Pierce, it was their obsession with picking that led them to make the product.

“One day while driving my wife said, ‘How awesome would a fake pimple that feels real be?’ That is when our adventure to bring the world the first and most realist pick able pimple EVER!” said Billy.

“As pickers, our only hope is that you enjoy the Pop It Pal as much as our family does!”

The Pop it Pal is comes in peach & brown. They can be purchased for $14.99 (shipping included) at the following website www.popitpal.com #pimples #gross #oddlysatisfying

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‘Pop It Pal’ comes in two skin tones – peach and brown – and is available here for US$14.99 (AUS$18.99).

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