LAEM Sessions: Dale Bigeni brings an epic skull to life in under 30 minutes

Whether he is sketching by hand or designing graphics digitally, Dale Bigeni is passionate about creating art.

Based in Western Sydney, the young artist has developed a bold, sharp style firmly rooted in tattoo and skate culture. His artwork has been used by Harley Davidson, Converse, Sharpie and more.

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We got in touch with Dale to get a feel for his creative process and inspiration.

You use colour sparingly in your artwork. Why do you tend to gravitate towards black and white line drawing?

“I tend to stick to the black and white art, mostly because it has become my ‘thing’. I also choose black and white art over full-colour pieces as I think there is something truly admirable about only relying on those two tones to carry your whole piece. With that said, I do like to throw a few splashes here and there, from time to time.”

Were you formally trained as an artist? And what are some important lessons aspiring artists can learn along the way to help keep them motivated to draw/create?

“I am not formally trained as an artist/illustrator. However, I am formally trained as a graphic designer, which is probably why I spend most of my creating time on the computer.

“One important lesson is to just always create. Never stop creating, learn new styles and techniques to make your workflow smarter, more efficient. Don’t spend too much time browsing the internet for ‘inspo’ just focus on drawing and be the best that you can be. If people don’t like your stuff, its ok, there’s another billion plus that probably will.”

Tell us about drawing the skull for the LAEM Sessions: what was your process/approach and who do you think also does skulls really well in the Sydney art scene?

“My process was basically the same as it has been for 20 odd years, start rough, then refine, refine, refine! It always stems from the tattoo and punk rock scene but I like to just put together something that people would probably be stoked to get tattooed on them (I hope).

“The Sydney art scene is far from quiet on the skull side of things. My top three without question are James Jirat Patradoon, Ben Brown, Glenno (Glenn Smith)”

What music do you listen to when you’re getting into a creative state of mind?

“I don’t always listen to music, I kinda find it can distract me sometimes, weird, I know. When I do though, I love listening to stuff like City & Colour, The Teskey Brothers, This Wild Life… super chilled stuff.”

Dale’s website contains links to his portfolio and social media sites.