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Cops have hour-long standoff with a tiger that turned out to be just a doll

In Scotland, police officers had a “roaring” shift after they responded to reports of a tiger at an Aberdeenshire farm, only to find out later that it was a cuddle toy. Womp womp womp.

The incident occurred Saturday night when 24-year-old farmer Bruce Grubb went to check on his 200 cows, and discovered the massive predator sitting in his barn.

“I got the fright of my life,” said Grubb. “I was on duty because the cows could drop at any time so I wasn’t drinking. I flashed my torch in the shed and saw it sitting there.”

Although baffled by Grubb’s call, the cops sent several vehicles and an armed response team to help. They even contacted a wildlife park to check if it had an escapee.

After a 45-minute standoff, police officers started getting suspicious of the tiger not moving an inch at all. So they checked, and it turned out to be a toy.

A tiger plush doll

Inspector George Cordiner later explained the rationale behind the armed response team.

“As is standard practice when we are made aware of a potential threat to the public the use of firearms officers was considered as a contingency.

“In this case, they attended the area in support of the local community officers but they were not deployed nor required.”

He also commented that the unusual call Grubb made wasn’t a prank. “We appreciate that it was a false call made with genuine good intent.”

It wasn’t explained, though, where the toy came from or how it got there. Maybe it was a… cat burglar?


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