Featured Image for Japanese artist embroiders hyperrealistic food art in a classic stitch-up

Japanese artist embroiders hyperrealistic food art in a classic stitch-up

Japanese embroidery artist Ipnot creates hyperrealistic food art in a feast for the eyes rather than the belly.

Utilising the French knot method to stitch together her awe-inspiring works, Ipnot’s mouthwatering pieces are made from a varied selection of 500 colourful threads.

She approaches her craft as if she were painting, using her “needle like a paint brush” and stitching one knot at a time.


Perhaps that’s why her tiny meals look good enough to eat, although Ipnot also likes to pair her food with real-life counterparts like chopsticks, rice bowls, and lollipop wrappers, which definitely adds to the optical illusion.

From tomatoes to ramen to large sushi roles, her artworks are either 3D or 2D but all of them jump right out of the fabric.


When we asked Ipnot why food inspired her she had this to say: “Food art reminds me of my excitement when I was young  … [I think] how can I make it look delicious using what I cannot eat? This challenge is like play … It’s very creative and fun”.

The self-taught artist’s talent isn’t just limited to food. She also crafts lifelike creations using animals, daily objects, and recognisable figures from pop-culture, history, and the big screen.


Her work is an incredible take on the fibre and textile arts and is bound to influence others, just as the artist herself was once influenced by her grandmother.

“I spent my childhood surrounded by very creative and crafty people who have inspired me,” explains Ipnot on her website. “I was drawn to embroidery because my grandmother used to do [it] … and made it look very relaxing and enjoyable.”

Take a look at more of her creations via Instagram and Twitter.