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ICYMI: H&M forced to apologise after stealing Melbourne muso’s track

H&M isn’t having a very good start to the year.

Just a month after the controversy surrounding THAT hoodie (which The Weeknd wasn’t all too happy about), the Swedish clothing giant has done goofed again, albeit on a smaller scale.

This time H&M is facing backlash over their use of a song without the artist’s permission.

ABC News reports that Melbourne musician Mike Katz, who produces music under the name Harvey Sutherland, has been in contact with H&M after it was found that the company used his track “Bamboo” without permission.

The track was used for an ad on H&M’s Instagram page. To make matters worse, after someone asked the name of the track and Sutherland replied H&M said that it “has no name” and was “specifically produced for us”.

“Actually this is my song Bamboo, that I produced,” wrote Katz (using his Sutherland account). “You are using it without approval, licence or credit. DM me and let’s make a deal.”

The whole thing was screenshotted by Katz, who posted the exchange to the Harvey Sutherland Facebook page.

Yo H&M maybe send me a message when you get a sec?https://instagram.com/p/BeztQV8gsxZ/

Posted by Harvey Sutherland on Monday, 5 February 2018

As ABC News noted, H&M well and truly messed with the wrong man on this occasion.

Katz’s LinkedIn page states that he is also a lawyer that specialises in intellectual property and entertainment law which just happens to be kinda relevant in this situation.

H&M has since removed content featuring the music from all its social media accounts and Katz declined to comment further.

Although the stoush appears to be over, people are still posting their distaste about the incident on social media using the hashtag #payharvey.

Meanwhile, we have also obtained exclusive footage from H&M’s PR department:

They are no doubt wondering if it is 2019 yet.

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