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A cat is the main tourist attraction of this Scottish town

There’s something about cats that makes people just go wild. There are cat videos all over YouTube, cat cafes, and now, here’s a cat with its own Instagram following of 7,000 fans.

The handsome ginger Maine Coon, named Parsley, lives in a small seaside town in Scotland and is doing his bit to enhance tourism and bring in visitors from all around the globe.

The cat literally has followers from USA, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Pakistan and South Africa. And, yes, the fans are actually travelling across oceans to see this cat. How bizarre.

Parsley’s owner Fiona Campbell-Smith, 57, told The Sun, “He is bringing in dozens of tourists who come to see him from all over the world.

“People were saying their sole reason for coming if not to Oban, even to Scotland, was because they were going to fit in a visit to Parsley.”

Apparently Parsley owns the town, and he’s plastered across merchandise in local stores, is welcome in all the local stores, and even has his own cat cafe soup kitchen.

Fiona also said, “He has been in lots of different shops, beauty salons, hairdressers, the local leisure centre, fish and chip shops, he’s even been to the town’s distillery – and he was pictured on the piano at a nearby music studio.”

Basically, this cat has more of a life than we do.

Fiona has fitted Parsley with a GPS tracking system to ensure he never wanders too far, or is taken by an adoring fan. But we’re pretty sure the townsfolk are always on the watch for Parsley and his escapades.


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