Watch this little pig put away his toys to brighten up your day

In Berlin, a piglet named Paul is out to show that not all pigs are, well, pigs.

The following viral video, filmed by Paul’s trainer Nicolle Muller, shows the cute little hog cleaning up after himself by putting away his toys. At his human’s urging, Paul walks back and forth across the room, picking up his plush dolls and depositing them into a box – proving that his kind are capable of more than just being bacon.

“Oh they are really smart,” said one commenter on YouTube, while another added: “Paul earned himself some treats and a hug.”

According to Muller, cleaning up isn’t the only trick the Paul knows. “Paul goes good on the litter box,” she said. “But it is even easier if he makes it when we go for a walk.”

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

Via Geekologie

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