Featured Image for Take a look at the world’s first spacious capsule hotel … in Japan, of course

Take a look at the world’s first spacious capsule hotel … in Japan, of course

Japan isn’t exactly known for its spaciousness, so it’s really no surprise that the Japanese have become exceptionally good at coming up with all sorts of ways to save on room.

Cue the capsule hotel trend. The favoured accommodation choice for the country’s famed salarymen has now been taken over by trendy companies who are keen to create affordable and often quirky overnight options for anyone and everyone. The most recent addition to this is The Millennials.

Set to open its doors on March 15 in Shibuya, one of Tokyo’s most popular districts, the new hotel is specifically targeted towards young customers and boasts “a whole new experience” for anyone willing to give it a go. And who wouldn’t want to with amenities like a 24-hour bar and a city that never sleeps right outside your doorstep… or should we say pod?

But the main drawcard lies where you will. High-tech ‘Smart-Pods’ will carry you off into dreamland and keep you there by allowing you to customise your entire sleeping experience.

Guest will be provided with iPod touch upon check-in that will allow them to personalise their entire sleeping unit at the touch of a button. Too hot? Change the temperature. Lights too bright? Dim them. Mattress to flat? Adjust the incline.

There’s also a soundless alarm system that slowly raises guests to a seated position coupled with steadily brighter lights for the most chilled wake-up call we’ve ever heard of. And then there are pods that have projectors for that private theatre experience every good hotel needs.

Of course, The Millennials is aiming for a semi-luxury vibe rather than the utilitarian feel of old-school capsule hotels, so the fun doesn’t stop there.

On the fourth floor, there’s a sleek communal space to engage (and awkwardly flirt) with other guests, which includes a communal kitchen. Then on the third floor, there’s a colourful co-working space with free unlimited coffee and a daily happy hour that hands out draft beer from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

Considering the Kyoto branch has already hosted 10,000 guests since they opened less than six months ago, The Millennials will be around for a while.

Find out more about them here.

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