Japan is selling a sleeping bag for two that looks like a pair of jeans

The Japanese have outdone themselves once again. To show that both partners can wear the pants in the relationship, they’ve made a sleeping bag for two that resembles a pair of pants.

Called the ‘Super-Big Wrapped in Warmth and Happy Fuzzy-Lined Sleeping Bag’ (whew, what a mouthful), the item is sold by novelty store Felissimo. It’s basically two sleeping bags put together, with each bag resembling a leg of jeans.

The item’s other features include: two holes for users to poke their heads out, removable cuffs so you can actually walk around as a pair of jeans, mini pillows that fit in the back pocket, and a fuzzy inner fabric that’s cosy AF.

The brand also claims that the sleeping bags are joined at the hip, letting you share some body heat with your loved one – or a stuffed animal. Whichever floats your boat.

If you want to get one for yourself (we know you want to), the product is available here.