Twitter is ablaze with ‘Selfie Kid’ memes after Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance

Today, some teams played a sport and one was crowned the winner (we think) – but more importantly, a meme was born.

Didn’t watch the game? You’re hardly alone. Basically, Justin Timberlake got amongst the crowd during the halftime show performance, and at one point he was dancing right next to a young NFL fan.

The kid looks excited, but also pretty damn overwhelmed. He’s right in front of the camera during one of the most-watched television broadcasts in the world, and Justin bloody Timberlake is having a boogie mere centimetres from him.

He froze when Timberlake first approached and threw his arm around him, but managed to regain some composure to pull out his phone and take a selfie. It got even more awkward after the photo, with Selfie Kid awkwardly bopping around and wondering what to do with himself.

The internet has dubbed him Selfie Kid; we like to call him Left Shark 2.0.

Of course, Twitter has 100% jumped on board with it and is still pumping out memes hours after it happened.

How about this wacky theory #tinfoil:

Shortly after the game, Reddit user ruthiek123 shared the following photo with the caption, “Selfie kid lives 2 towns over from me and posted this”:

Young NFL fan posing for selfie with Justin Timberlake

At least this confirms he got a good pic! But hold up – is that guy behind Timberlake holding two phones? Maybe one is a burner and he just wants to share the moment with his drug dealer.