We talk touring, haircuts and music parodies with Michael Bolton. Yep, THAT Michael Bolton

Decades after his music career came to life in the mid-seventies, Michael Bolton remains a household name.

It’s no wonder, really, given the 64-year-old has sold more than 65 million records, recorded nine top 10 albums and had nine singles hit number one over the course of his career.

Ahead of his upcoming tour of Australia in 2018 – his first time Down Under since 2015 – Bolton has appeared in a hilarious advertisement for Audible in which he belts out a stellar audiobook-themed parody of his classic tune, “Said I Loved You…But I Lied”.

The award-winning singer proves his voice is as good as ever in the soul-soaring film clip for “Said I Read You…But I Lied”, which complements a study that found one in three Aussies would lie about reading a book.

The film clip features cameos from radio host Brendan “Jonesy” Jones, fitness guru Tia-Clair Toomey and comedian Jordan Raskopoulosas.

Naturally, we couldn’t resist having a chat with Bolton about the film clip and his upcoming tour.

Wait. The voice is the same but what happened to…the hair?

“I’d say keeping the voice the same over nearly 50 years in the industry has been far more challenging than changing from long to short hair.

“When my brother and I were kids, long hair is just what we did. We liked the Beatles and were going with that culture. I was just kind of a skinny kid with long hair and John Lennon glasses.

“Later in my career, my hair became such a defining part of my brand, even though long hair was really nothing new. But I’ll never forget when I cut it, because I was just getting off a flight to London and came across a newspaper with all these international headlines and one of them read, “Michael Bolton cuts hair”.

“That was surreal. We ended up auctioning it off for charity. I save so much on shampoo and conditioner these days.”

Tell us about any emotions you felt spoofing the biggest hit of your career.

“I’d say it’s actually a great honour to have a song in my catalogue that’s made its way into the homes of so many millions of people all around the world that it’s recognisable enough to make a parody about.

“When we shot the original music video for that song in ‘93 there was no budget limit. We had the best director in the industry and we went all out. That lavishness is funny now but the song itself still carries a very intimate emotional feeling for me.

“I just love that we’ve found a fun way to breathe new life into it while still remaining true to the heart of the composition.”

Swimming pool, red Porsches, white horses, a lizard…how long did this video take to shoot and what was the highlight of the shoot from your end?

“It was actually a really efficient, condensed shoot across two days and two locations in Sydney. Shooting with the drone on Observatory Hill overlooking the Sydney Harbour during the golden hour was definitely a highlight for me.

“But the best part was just working with the creative agency Emotive and Audible. They were such pros and so much fun.”

You’re coming back to Australia in June to perform. What are your recollections of your last tour of this beautiful country?

“On my last tour, I actually got to perform in New Zealand for the first time and I look forward to going back. But I always love being in Sydney. The fans are some of the best in the world.”