Shed a nostalgic tear as Twitter remembers everything great about the 2000s

Get ready for a trip down memory lane.

People have taken to Twitter using the hashtag #TweetLikeItsThe2000s to share their memories from the decade and it’ll hit you with a massive dose of nostalgia.

From manipulating your parents into agreeing to sleepovers:

To missing out on the book fair:

And who could forget those pesky chain emails?

People shared their favourite movies and TV shows:

Which, of course, were always interrupted by this anti piracy ad!

You knew you were a cool kid when you rocked a picnik edit in your MSN profile picture:

The letter ‘S’ was always so much more extra than all the others:

Hanging up phone calls never felt sassier:

You knew you were in for a hella PE class when the busted out a parachute:

And THIS was the definition of comedy gold:

They were better times tbh…