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Yes, someone tried to bring an ’emotional support’ peacock on a flight

The bird even had its own ticket!

Recently at Newark International Airport in New Jersey, a woman tried to bring her ‘emotional support’ peacock on board her United Airlines flight to Los Angeles. The avian passenger was understandably denied.

According to a United spokesperson, the lady was told three times before she went to the airport that her pet would not be allowed to fly, because it “did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size.”

After six hours at the airport, the woman took her feathery companion home. They’ll now be driving across the US instead to get to LA.

A peacock

The BBC later shed some light on the identity of the two passengers. The owner, Brooklyn-based artist Ventiko, bought a peacock named Dexter, along with a peahen named Etta, for an art installation.

She later found the two a home, but eventually came to Dexter’s rescue after he became distraught from the disappearance of Etta and her offspring. Now, the two live happily together in the creative’s NYC loft.

“I have never left the house without having at least one person react,” said Ventiko, adding that Dexter has changed her life “in a positive way.”

Having emotional support animals escorting passengers on flights is not uncommon. However, the kinds of animals people have been bringing along have gotten stranger and stranger in recent years.

In 2014, a pig named Hobie defecated inside a US Airways flight shortly before takeoff, forcing the airline to escort pig and its owner off the plane.

In 2015, a turkey was seen wearing special bird nappy on a Thanksgiving return journey. Last year, meanwhile, a Saudi Arabian prince booked 80 seats for his flock of falcons.


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