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Man cancels his gym membership with a heartfelt breakup letter

Ending a relationship is never easy, no matter who it is you’re breaking up with, may it be a partner or Planet Fitness.

Over on Reddit, user ‘Mastrrbasser’ recently posted an image of the letter he had to write to cancel his gym membership with Planet Fitness. However, instead of writing a formal statement, he penned it much like a breakup note. It read:

“I know I’ve been distant,” he wrote. “But it’s because I’ve changed. I have different needs now, and to be frank… you really haven’t changed at all.”

Planet Fitness wouldn’t let me cancel over the phone, and required a certified letter to cancel since I live in a different state now. I dropped this in the mail today. from funny

He goes on to say that he has moved out of state, and that he has found someone new: another fitness facility. However, the man also assured Planet Fitness that he still thinks fondly of the gym chain.

“I still think fondly of you, and the time we spent together as I drive by one of your many locations,” he added.

“Sometimes, when I’m alone, I even throw on one of my old ‘power-pop workout’ playlists and feel the rush of our past course through me as if we were still one, holding hands with your elliptical machine, and gingerly brushing my sweaty bangs out of my face as I huff and puff in a tumultuous vortex of sweat and endorphins.”

I wish we felt the same way about exercise.

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