Heist of the century: Thieves caught trying to nick 4000kg of oranges

Forget the Great Train Robbery, D.B Cooper or the Crown Jewels heist.

Thieves in the Spanish city of Seville have been caught red-handed with 4,000 kilograms of stolen oranges.

Imagine you are a fruit thief for a second. When planning your getaway, would you hire a truck or simply fill up two regular cars with your ill-gotten booty?

The criminal masterminds in Seville opted for the latter and were promptly pulled over by local police who somehow noticed the four tonnes of oranges bobbing about inside the vehicles.

When pulled over, the thieves had an airtight, unshakeable explanation for the oranges.

ABC News reports that the group said the oranges came from “far away” and that they had picked them “off the ground”.

Amazingly, these responses did not stand up to police scrutiny. When pressed further, the thieves said they were carrying them for their own consumption.

Can you blame them? Who among us hasn’t driven around at night with four tonnes of oranges and felt a little peckish? These guys are only human.

Police decided there was no need to call Sherlock after the thieves failed to produce paperwork for the oranges and police received reports that a shipment of oranges had been stolen from the nearby town of Carmona.

Ay, ay, ay! No es bueno!

Lead image: Twitter, @EmergenciasSev