Agency shows that beauty is timeless by only hiring models 45 years or older

For many agencies, a model aged 30 is already considered old. But not in Moscow, where one company sees a model aged 45 as too young.

Russian agency Oldushka is breaking beauty stereotypes by representing only senior models. Aside from one male model, 45-year-old Sergey who looks much older than he looks, all the other talents are well above the age of 60.

With their stunning gray hair, these seniors are proving that beauty is timeless by gracing fashion magazines and strutting their stuff on the catwalk. Some of them have even been featured in big campaigns, such as a recent one for Saint Laurent Russia.

The agency is the brainchild of photographer Igor Gavar. He’d been taking street photos of seniors for his blog for quite some time before deciding to turn his passion project into a business.

“Beauty—it’s a quality that becomes more valued with years,” he told Vogue. “I met some very interesting faces, and I wanted to do a separate project with them. A modeling agency became that sort of project.”

Now with 18 models across different Russian cities – including Moscow, St. Petersburg, and even Gavar’s remote hometown of Omsk – agency Oldushka is set to retire our old notions of age and beauty.

“Appearing as themselves is an instrument to fight stereotypes,” Gavar said of his models. “They are an inspiring example to show that it is possible to look beautiful and be your age.”

You can see more from Oldushka by checking out their official IG page.