Featured Image for This concept cabin for first-class air travel looks like a boutique hotel room in the sky

This concept cabin for first-class air travel looks like a boutique hotel room in the sky

An award-winning London design firm has proposed a radically reconfigured first-class cabin, turning them into boutique hotel rooms with their own bed, massive TV, storage space and multimedia options.

The British firm Seymourpowell surveyed premium passengers to figure out what their main expectations were when flying first class, and the research uncovered the most common reason travellers choose a premium cabin: privacy.

This prompted the design consultancy firm to propose a new concept cabin that has more similarities to a boutique hotel than conventional first-class seats.

The design, which is intended for the Airbus A380 aircraft, is made up of “rooms” that are equipped with double seats which turn into comfortable, full-sized beds at the touch of a button.

In Seymourpowell’s design, first-class passengers are able to shut the doors of their private rooms and go through the whole flight without any interaction with other passengers.

Travellers are also able to order food and drinks using their tablets to minimise contact with the flight crew and further isolate themselves throughout their journey.

Called First Spaces, the initiative aims to perfect the first class experience.

“First class air travel is about the provision of a faultless experience,” the company says.

“Our First Spaces concept achieves this through accommodation inspired by contemporary boutique hotels, the delivery of a ‘prescient service’ enabled by new technologies and a new expression of contemporary luxury.”

Interiors could be customised according to passenger preferences and the branding strategy of individual airlines, but all of them would feature a galley with a transparent wall, enabling passengers to check out the staff at work very similarly to how some restaurant designs allow diners to take a peek at the goings-on in open kitchens.

At the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg last week, First Spaces earned a nomination for the Crystal Cabin Award.

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