Thief quickly gets what she deserves after she slips and breaks her leg

In Snohomish County, Washington, a woman was caught on CCTV breaking the law by stealing packages off someone’s doorstep. As she makes her escape, she also breaks something else: her leg.

The incident happened on Monday at the Bothell family residence. Having been victims of theft before, the homeowners took the necessary precautions, and installed a surveillance camera. Lo and behold, it caught the crooks on video.

CCTV footage shows a car arriving shortly after the UPS delivery guy drops off three boxes. A woman comes dashing out of the vehicle and grabs the items from the porch. However, in her haste to make a clean getaway, she slips on the muddy lawn, and horrifically snaps her left leg!

She screams in pain when she notices her leg is at an unnatural angle. Her accomplice then runs over and carries her (and their loot) back into the car.

Even though the residents found the video funny, they still feel frustrated about what happened. The stolen parcels were worth more than US$5,000 (AUS$6,180) in special medication.

According to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, the bumbling criminals also hit a neighbouring home. But the good news is that they’ve been identified, and will hopefully be in custody soon.

Via LAD Bible

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