Japanese noodle brand mocks ridiculous client demands with epic photoshops

Anyone who works in a creative industry knows the pain of client demands.

Language often lets clients down when they try to express to another human what something should look or sound like, and it can result in some pretty ridiculous demands.

Commercial musicians, graphic designers, artists and copywriters all have the tricky job of communicating feelings to their audiences.

But what should you do when a client asks you to make the music sound “fluffier”? Or when you are asked to make the hamburger appear “more playful”?

Telling them bugger off is super tempting, but will probably result in getting fired.

Japanese noodle brand Cup Noodle recently decided to satirise this whole state of affairs by mocking some of the ridiculous request creatives get from their clients.

Cup Noodle started by showing a fairly normal-looking poster for the 10th anniversary of its “milk seafood noodles with cheese.” (Yes that is a real flavour).

It then followed up with an image with red markup from the “boss” who was apparently unsatisfied with the poster. The comments included suggestions such as making the hair have a more “cheese feeling”, and showing that “non-humans” can enjoy the product. The designer obliged:

But the boss was still not happy. The next edits requested a more futuristic feel, with a giant “digital brain”, “jealous aliens”, “pandas that look like cows” and “children on high tech skateboards feeling the joy of the internet”.

The final result is seriously awesome:

Here’s a full English translation of the edit requests provided by Facebook user Kimiko Foo:

This is not the first time Cup Noodle has shown its sense of humour.

It was also behind the brilliantly stupid noise-cancelling fork, and has a pretty great mascot who supports Japanese MMA:

It’s all further proof that Japan is the most interesting place on Earth.

Lead image: Twitter, @cupnoodle_jp Translation: Facebook, Kimiko Foo