Featured Image for These Corgi pillows will make you look forward to nap time even more

These Corgi pillows will make you look forward to nap time even more

No dogs on the bed? Well, technically now you can.

Japanese novelty brand ‘YOU + MORE’ is selling a line of pillow covers that are great to snuggle with whenever you’re having a… ruff day.

The covers look like a pack of adorable little corgis all ready for naptime. The set comes in three designs – or poses, rather. There’s one sitting down, another lying down on its back (and waiting for a belly rub), and one that’s in a sploot position showing off its cute butt.


Each pillowcase measures 12.6 to 18 in length, and 28.7 to 29.5 in width. The company says that the corgi heads and buttocks are already filled out with cotton, allowing even square-shaped pillows to be inserted.


However, there’s a catch. You can’t buy the entire litter all at once.

According to Design Taxi, “just like adopting real pups, it’d be best to welcome them at a comfortable pace into your home; the brand will send you one cover each month until you receive all three.”

If you can read Japanese, head on over here to know more about the product.

Via Design Taxi

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