Featured Image for Snap snowstorm kicks off the most epic snow sculpture battle in Tokyo

Snap snowstorm kicks off the most epic snow sculpture battle in Tokyo

Strange weather can pop up anywhere at any time these days. The most recent country to learn this was Japan, which was hit by a sudden snowstorm, resulting in 23 centimetres of snow in downtown Tokyo.

Although it’s currently winter in Japan, snow in Tokyo is relatively rare. The last time the capital city saw snow this heavy was in 2014. This recent event led to blackouts, train and flight delays, and road closures.

However, the terrible weather didn’t deter the Japanese from having a bit of fun. In fact, the good people of Tokyo didn’t just make standard snowmen, they really constructed some epic creations.

With the recent release of The Last Jedi, Star Wars was a popular theme.

銀河を股にかけるギャングスター作ってたら会社遅刻したお?✨✨✨ . シャチョーにこの写真見せたら許してくれたお??✨✨✨ . . おはようございます?✴ . . #全部雪のせいだ#ジャバザハット#雪像#starwars#jabbathehut#snowart#朝日

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#R2D2 #雪型ドロイド #スターウォーズ #STARWARS #雪だるま #誰が作ったのかな? #アート #雪像

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There were also plenty of references to animation, video games, and other movies.

Animals were another popular theme.

斯国一 #snowman #雪像 #パンダ

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Along with the mighty Godzilla.

Interestingly enough, the Japanese see snowmen a little bit differently, which would perhaps explain their imaginative sculptures.

“The name for snowman, Yuki Daruma, doesn’t mean snowman, it means snow daruma,” a Tokyo resident told Bored Panda. “Daruma is from the Daruma doll, which is based on Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk who, according to the tales, had his arms and legs fall off during meditation. That’s why Japanese snowmen have only two layers.”

雪だるま第2弾 実物大のカーズ 時間無くてまだ製作途中…スコップで曲線は難しい。 とりあえず形だけ ヘッドライト、ホイール、後輪はまた後日作ろうと 雪が残っていれば… #雪遊び #雪だるま #snowman #カーズ #ディズニー #disney #cars

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たくさん雪が降ったのでお店の前に雪像を作ってみました?☃️ #雪像 #ねこバス #cafe #7hoshicafe #獅子吼高原

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今年はスヌーピーになりました。 キティとトトロは4年前のです。 #雪像#大雪#町田市

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雪がふったからこそ見える世界があるね(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) 子供には珍しい雪❄️ 楽しく遊んだみたいだ‼️ 母はヘトヘト?⤵️だけど、子供が楽しいから良かった❣️雪かきもしっかりやりました‼️‼️ #雪だるま #トトロ #夕焼け #朝焼け #関東 #雪 #無邪気な子供 #boredpanda @boredpanda

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It looks like the weather in Tokyo is back on track, with a forecast today for two degrees and sunny. Ah, what a shame. All those brilliant sculptures will have melted by the time you read this.

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