Featured Image for People are being inspired by this AWESOME ice cream man who swims to customers with his ice box

People are being inspired by this AWESOME ice cream man who swims to customers with his ice box

No wheels? No boat? No problem. This guy paddles out to sea just to make a sale. What’s your excuse?

In a series of photos that have gone viral in The Philippines, beachgoer Abbey Hernandez shared her encounter with a man she saw swimming towards her and her companions out in the sea.

That man was none other than Wenceslao Sumalinog, an elderly ice cream vendor from Batangas, a province several hours south of the capital Manila.

Abbey took the photos last October, but recently went back to the beach and gave Wenceslao some cash and a sack of rice.

She then shared photos of the man, in a post that has since gathered thousands of reactions and comments, with most echoing Abbey’s sentiment of inspiration.

The caption in the GMA News post below reads: “At first, YouScooper Abbey Hernandez thought it was just another swimmer in the water of Matabungkay Beach, Batangas, but in fact it was an ice cream man. YouScooper Abbey was delighted at the man’s perseverance for his livelihood.”

YouScoop: Unang akala ni YouScooper Abbey Hernandez na lumalangoy lamang sa dagat ang isang lalaki na nakita niya sa…

Posted by GMA News on Saturday, December 9, 2017

Author’s Note: Coming from The Philippines myself, I’ve met many men and women like Wenceslao. With about a quarter of the population (25 million) living below the poverty line, it’s no longer surprising to me. Farmers, fishermen, and more, doing backbreaking work for as little as $5 a day, maybe less if it’s unofficial work. What’s refreshing is the poster’s gesture and respectful portrayal of the man. As one comment mentioned, while there are those comfortably doing dishonest work, there are many more like Wensceslao [swimming] the extra mile just to earn a living.

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