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Harry Potter is WAY BETTER when translated into Scottish

If you need a reason to re-read the Harry Potter books again, the Scottish translated version is most definitely it.

J.K Rowling’s stories of The Boy Who Lived have been translated into 80 languages. The 80th and most recent translated version – the Scottish edition – also happens to be the best and funniest one.

Matthew Fitt translated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone perfectly. You can almost hear a thick Scottish accent narrating the tale as you go through each word, each sentence. Just read the first chapter’s title and you’ll know what I’m talking about. ‘THE LADDIE WHA LIVED’.

According to Nerdist, while the translated version kept some proper nouns unchanged – such as Hogwarts and Weasley – it did revise some names, which English speakers probably wouldn’t even remotely recognise. These include Dumbiedykes (Dumbledore), Bizzumbaw (Quidditch), and the best one, Blithering Bonnet (Sorting Hat).

If you want to grab a copy, you can find one over on Amazon.

Via Nerdist

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