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Eeek! Rolling Stone Australia goes under

Rock n’ roll took has suffered a major loss with news surfacing of yet another prominent icon passing way.

This time the victim is not a performer, but music journalism.

ABC News reports that Paper Riot, the publisher of Rolling Stone Australia, has gone into administration.

The company’s demise has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the magazine’s future and will likely result in job losses for the staff based in Sydney.

“As much as the money is important to me, I’m more concerned about the people who are losing their jobs and income,” contributor Bernard Zuel told ABC News. “And the music industry is losing one of the last magazine titles we have left.”

The Australian edition of Rolling Stone was first published in 1972 by Bauer Media. According to TheMusic.com.au, Rolling Stone Australia editor Matthew Coyte founded Paper Riot in 2013 to take over the publishing rights of the magazine.

In case you haven’t noticed, print media has been going through a bit of a rough patch since the newer, shinier medium of digital showed up.

Take newspapers for example. Seriously, take them because people don’t seem to want them.

Ad revenues are down across pretty much all print newspapers in America, and they now have sophisticated digital products to accommodate an audience that is increasingly turning away from words printed on dead trees.

Even The New York Times, which is arguably the world’s most prestigious paper, saw a drop in print ads in the third quarter of 2016. And if they are struggling, imagine how other papers are going.

Australia isn’t much different.

Along with the organic decline in print readership, Rolling Stone Australia may have suffered from the controversy surrounding its parent brand.

Last year, the American edition of the magazine was sued for USD $7.5 million after publishing a discredited story about campus sexual assault.


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