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This build kit lets you make your own life-size skateboard at home

35-year-old designer Thomas Pohl has produced a build kit concept that lets skateboarders turn their decks into canvases.

Growing up, Pohl has always been in love with skate culture, and has based many of his designs and artworks on it. His recent work is no exception. Inspired by life-sized build kits, Pohl came up with one that allows anyone to build and customise their own skateboard.

The kit features a 1:1 skateboard model that can provide hours of fun (or frustration) putting together. It also comes in a blank white colour, letting its builder paint it with any design he or she desires.

Thomas Pohl

We spoke with Pohl to learn more about his nifty build kit concept. Check it out:

How did you come up with the concept for the ‘skateboard building kit’?

“Started back in 2011 while I was designing various shirt graphics influenced by my skateboard background. I gradually noticed a lot of life-sized building kits (like a toy soldier) which were inspiring to me. So I came up with the idea for ‘skateboard building kit’.”

Thomas Pohl

How has skateboard design evolved over the years you’ve been skating?

“To be honest, I don’t skate anymore due to herniated disc issues. But I still watch skating videos, especially newcomers who are getting younger and better with their skills, in my opinion. I love the whole skateboarding culture. Many of my print designs are inspired by this.”

Thomas Pohl

What do you hope to achieve with this artwork?

“I’d love to be an artwork influencer to inspire everyone.”

Thomas Pohl

This took up to 40 hours to finish. Talk us through the entire creative process.

“In the beginning I studied a couple of building kits (for example, from the company Revell), taking notice of all the details, like how a building grid should look like and how to get optical as close as possible. Also how the building parts was arranged, with the intention to inspire me to create my own arrangement too.

“At first, focused on the required materials. Ordering a skateboard was quite easy. Then I obtained different sizes of wooden poles and PVC poles with round angles for the grid.

“Before it got built, I placed the single components in different positions and took photos from different positions, to decide which one is the best. The most time I spent was on all the small wooden poles.

“Another problem was that some parts were too heavy to fix it on the grid. They had to fix directly onto the plate. So the later composition of the finished grid and heavy parts were a challenge.

“For the color, I used a lot more spray cans than I initially thought, because I had to paint two to three layers to get a consistent color.”

Thomas Pohl

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