Featured Image for These photos prove Hitler and the Nazis celebrated Christmas just like the rest of us

These photos prove Hitler and the Nazis celebrated Christmas just like the rest of us

We thought these guys would’ve been on Santa’s naughty list, but apparently not…

If you ever wondered what Christmas was like in Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler, look no further than these eye-popping snaps of Hitler and the Nazis celebrating the holidays.

What’s most unsettling about them is that everything looks normal, even festive, despite the monstrosities committed by the regime.

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There are similarities between their festivities and how we do things today, but there are also stark differences.

Christmas trees and gift-giving were par for the course, but mothers were also encouraged to bake swastika-shaped biscuits. They sang carols, but took out the religious content. And in their time, everyone was the drunk uncle. Then there was the Führer, who had a big, goofy smile under his infamous ‘stache.

La Navidad nazi también fue adaptada al ideario del NSDAP. Los nazis primero tímidamente y después de una forma abierta lucharon contra el cristianismo y la iglesia como institución organizada. Ya no se celebraría el nacimiento de Jesús, sino el Solsticio de Invierno. La esvástica era el nuevo sol y Santa Claus una reinvención de Odín. El árbol de Navidad (invención alemana) pasó a adornarse con bolas decoradas de esvásticas, runas o incluso el busto de Hitler. Los villancicos cambiaron toda referencia religiosa a letras acordes a los nuevos tiempos. En la imagen Hitler recibe regalos de dos! Santa Claus durante las Navidades de 1937 en la Cancillería del Reich. #reichskanzlei #santaclaus #nazichristmas #nsdap #hitler #adolfhitler #picoftheday #picoftheweek #like4like #historia #historiaSGM #wwiihistory #wwii #ww2 #wwtwo #berlin #1937

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As much as we’d like to leave this all in the past, there are unfortunately those still dreaming of a Third Reich Christmas at present. A quick image search of “Nazi decorations” will reveal more than just the typical array of German military insignia and SS medals. They’ll also include shiny ornaments for your tree at home:

Nacisti sa prostredníctvom Vianoc snažili vstúpiť do každodenného života Nemcov. Pokúsili sa uniesť Vianoce a pridať im vlastné tradície a symboly. Možno si to ani neuvedomujeme ale spôsob akým každý z nás oslavuje a trávi tento sviatok je prejavom našej slobody v demokratickej spoločnosti. A to je niečo na čo priestor v totalitnej Tretej ríši nezostával. Prajem Vám šťastné a veselé Vianoce a na youtube máte taký predčasný darček v podobe vedomostí v tomto novom videu 🙂 #dejepisinak #nazism #nazichristmas #nacistickévianoce

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For more photos of Iron Cross baubles and disturbingly cheerful Nazi soldiers, click the link below.

Via Dangerous Minds

Adolf Hitler with a child

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