Old print materials are given new life as canvas for stunning portraits

Helen Martin can’t imagine a life without art. “It’s my escape it’s my happy place. The process, the creating, that’s the part I couldn’t live without,” she said.

Being dyslexic has meant that Helen found difficulty expressing herself with words, but she has found a voice through her art which has enabled her to speak out about social issues close to her heart.

“I seek to portray the reality of world around us, there’s always meaning in my art.”

Helen has a genius for breathing new life into visual clichés. With her use of found materials, Helen pits fleeting life against the bigger picture of existence, managing to invest a sense of mystery into her fragments of a life.

“The end piece might work it might not, but the moments spent with the ink and paper are what I do it for. That feeling of release.”

Those paintings hang in the air, suspended by (amongst other things) old letters, sheet music, Helen’s figures demand we look closer, peer inside to catch their innermost being.

To see more of Helen Martin’s work, you can check out her Instagram account.