Man spends two years taking saddening portraits of critically endangered animals

In his poignant series Endangered, photographer Tim Flach highlights the issue of wildlife conservation by putting faces to the names commonly found in the critically endangered species list.

Spending two years traveling to different countries and braving various habitats, Flach captured incredible animal portraits that show what we stand to lose if we don’t act fast.

The series features species we’re all familiar with (such as the African elephant and the polar bear), as well as those that you might have only found out about just now (like the Philippine eagle and the Saiga).

The hope is that by mildly anthropomorphizing animals in portraiture, we’d feel a greater connection to them, which in turn, would get us to act on issues like habitat destruction, poaching, and global warming.

“Images often done in a style and representation that was more like humans was more likely to make us care more.” said Flach.

If you’d like to get a copy of Flach’s book on the series, it’s available on Amazon.