Featured Image for Man spends two years taking saddening portraits of critically endangered animals

Man spends two years taking saddening portraits of critically endangered animals

In his poignant series Endangered, photographer Tim Flach highlights the issue of wildlife conservation by putting faces to the names commonly found in the critically endangered species list.

Spending two years traveling to different countries and braving various habitats, Flach captured incredible animal portraits that show what we stand to lose if we don’t act fast.

The series features species we’re all familiar with (such as the African elephant and the polar bear), as well as those that you might have only found out about just now (like the Philippine eagle and the Saiga).

I spend days travelling through the Mountains on the Philippine islands looking for this eagle, and in the end I photographed it at a rescue sanctuary. The Philippine Eagle has one of the largest wing spans of any eagle, at 2 metres, and is only found on the Philippine islands, where it is the national bird. IUCN: Critically Endangered #eagle #philippineeagle #endangered #iucn #timflach #photography #wildlife #bird #canonuk

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The hope is that by mildly anthropomorphizing animals in portraiture, we’d feel a greater connection to them, which in turn, would get us to act on issues like habitat destruction, poaching, and global warming.

“Images often done in a style and representation that was more like humans was more likely to make us care more.” said Flach.

The Pied Tamarin One of the rarest primates in the world, which is being concreted out of its territory by the capital City of the Amazon, Manaus. It’s definitely inspired Yoda, which is amusing as Star Wars is publicly released today! #monkeyday #primate #monkey #piedtamarin #timflach #photography #wildlife #endangered #iucnredlist #yoda #starwars

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If you’d like to get a copy of Flach’s book on the series, it’s available on Amazon.

The Crowned Sifaka This shot is intended to eco the anthropomorphism of a child sat at a school assembly, which emphasises a sense of vulnerability. The Sifaka have exuberantly sideways pogo with arms flung high for balance Unfortunately their homes in the tall Madagascan trees are being destroyed and they only survive in micro pockets. ICUN Red list: Endangered It is also the cover of my new book, Endangered. #endangered #conservation #wildlife #sifaka #lema #primate #photography #timflach #portrait #vulnerable #cute #fluffy

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The Shoebill is a large stork like bird that spends its time foraging for fish in East African swampland. As a result of habitat distraction this magnificent bird is considered Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List #shoebill #bird #portrait #wildlife #photography #timflach #conservation #endangered

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Ya Yun ‘Elegant’ the Giant Panda Even though it’s work from a previous project, the panda has been included in the book ‘Endangered’ because it’s an excellent example of a portrait the creates an emotional connection with the viewer, it’s also a great success story in the world of endangered animals. #endangered #timflach #animals #photography #panda #elegant #wildlife #china #hasselblad #broncolor

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Yellow Eyed Tree Frog IUCN Red List status: Endangered This frog is approximately 12mm across and the father of the previously posted eggs. The gentle wo-o-rp of the male yellow eyed tree frog used to be a common sound during May-November. Unfortunately due to a combination of climate change, the pet trade and a damaging fungus the population as nearly halved since the 1990s. #endangered #timflach #conservation #wildlife #anphibians #costarica #frog #yelloweyedtreefrog #macro #canon5ds

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The majestic snow leopard is one of the most endangered big cats, with its mountain territories shrinking due to farming and climate change, and an average of four snow leopards killed every week since 2008. Around four to seven thousand remain in the wild. IUCN Red List: Endangered #endangered #iucnredlist #timflach #photography #wildlife #leopard #snowleopard #mountains #bigcat #portrait #character #hymalayas

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The local people describe this animal as their ancestor, and call them ‘wild men of the mountains’ This Yunnan snub-nose monkey, who lives at a higher altitude than any primate in the dense bamboo thickets of the Henduan mountains in south-western China. Scientists first describe the species in 1890, but faded into obscurity and thought extinct until rediscovered in 1962. #yunnanmonkey #endangered #iucnredlist #wildlife #photography #timflach #monkey #sassy #monkeylips #portrait

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