Featured Image for Ugh! Japan now has fried chicken that tastes like young women’s feet

Ugh! Japan now has fried chicken that tastes like young women’s feet

Add this to the growing list of reasons why aliens won’t talk to us.

To the uninitiated, Tenka Torimasu looks just like your typical take-out restaurant. They have a handful of branches scattered across Japan, and they’re known for their karaage (boneless Japanese-style fried chicken) and its range of flavor dressings.

The delicious usuals are on the board: teriyaki, wasabi, curry, sweet chili, etc. But you know what’ll really go well with your rice and cabbage? The palatable taste of a young woman’s foot.

In what’s being called the Girls’ Sole Karaage, customers are treated to a culinary delight that evokes a most unusual and pretty darn disgusting flavor produced by the human body. With the right combination of fermented soy beans and God-knows-what-else, the restaurant is proud to recreate “both the smell and stickiness of a girl’s foot.”

The chicken indeed looks crispy and crusty, and probably best consumed post-workout.

Tenka Torimasu collaborated with masked idol singers Kamen Joshi for this menu item, which isn’t the first time they teamed up. Last year, they infamously released a Girls’ Sweat Karaage, which was an unexpected hit. This is good news for returning customers, as there are still several bodily fluids and crevices this unlikely pairing can explore.

A boxed lunch set of Girls’ Sole Karaage goes for about US$3.5 (AUS$4.5).

Via Rocket News 24

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