Eep! Girl completes her makeup with the help of spiders and worms

You know how, when you see a spider, you squash it? Well, this lady is doing the COMPLETE opposite.

California-based makeup artist Jasmine Ahumada creates looks that involve sticking insects across her face. Some of the bugs she’s worked with include bugs, bees, worms, and yep, you guessed it, spiders.

Writing this, I’m in a potential state of cardiac arrest as I look at these giant, hairy insects glued to her.

Yes, the millipede is real. She even posts fun facts about the species. Neat!

Although we’re on the verge of puking, we’re having mixed feelings of awe. Jasmine’s makeup is actually pretty spectacular and definitely shows a heap of talent. More impressive is that she is self-taught. So she deserves even more praise for the execution of such a ‘niche’ makeup market.

On her FAQ page, Jasmine explained why she chose to use bugs as her (unconventional) medium.

“I’m doing this series because all things nature inspire me. I’m inspired by the colors, textures, and even sounds that surround me,” she said. “I have a deep appreciation and respect towards the world I live in. I want to show how incredible all these creatures are.

“I also love learning new things, doing research on all of these surely taught me a thing or two and now I have even more appreciation for them.”

If you’re thinking of animal cruelty, worry not. Jasmine also explained that she got her specimens humanely.

“Most of these specimens were found already dead by myself/friends/family. Some were ordered online, & some were purchased from local pet/garden stores.”

She added: “As far as the ‘insects’ I bought online I made sure to ask each seller if they killed them. I chose NOT to buy from the sellers that admitted killing.”

To see more of Jasmine’s makeup, head on over to her Instagram page if you’re down for some creepy crawlies!