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AI comes up with the funniest names for a fake Coachella lineup

If a neural network were to organise this year’s Coachella, the lineup wouldn’t include artists like Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar. But rather, more unknown (and literally non-existent) talents like ‘One of Pig’ and ‘Horse Choir’.

In anticipation of Coachella’s highly-anticipated lineup announcement, Sweden-based Botnik Studios has released their own take on the annual festival’s gig poster. Using a neural network, they were able to generate a satirical lineup, complete with fictional band names.

The best ones include ‘Jacked Like A Man’, ‘Creepwell, Then Sleepwell’, and ‘Jonathan Is High’. Let’s not forget there’s also ‘Ben Sex’, ‘Fistopia’, and ‘Only We Bad Are’.

Whew. What a lineup.

The AI came up with these fake names by looking at a database of 10,000 real metal band names, as well as “the name of every band that Pitchfork has ever covered.” It then analysed the data, and used the textual patterns to generate the hilarious list.

“We had the network generate acres and acres of names, which the Botnik Studios team combed through, pitched, and voted on,” Botnik CEO Jamie Brew told Inverse. “The final poster is the cream of the crop.”

So, who’s going to this year’s fake Coachella? Tickets are on sale probably never.

Via Inverse

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