Featured Image for 2017 wasn’t so bad after all and this man listed some highlights to prove it

2017 wasn’t so bad after all and this man listed some highlights to prove it

There’s a silver lining to the horrible year that was.

From the shitstorm of Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein, to the real-life storms that devastated the Americas, 2017 was a year we’re all aching to forget. But if you can only remember the mass shootings and threats of nuclear war, then you’re drowning in the negativity Kool-Aid.

Luckily, someone decided that the good news of the year merits a spotlight, and he was kind enough to compile a list for us.

Jacob Atkins, a 20-year-old student from the USA, tweeted the highs of 2017 to combat all the lows. In this now viral Twitter thread, he wrote: “Since I’m bored and 2017 was full of negative news stories, I’ve found some positive stories you probably didn’t hear about.”

It was a hit. The tweet got over 180,000 retweets and 240,000 likes, as of writing. It seems the positive sentiment resonated with a lot of people. Atkins started with how “Scientists have found a way to successfully rebreed sections of the Great Barrier Reef”:

56 billion reasons to prioritise the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef – While experiencing the reef is in itself priceless, the @deloitte Access Economics report values the World Heritage site's full economic, social and iconic brand value at $56 billion. #GreatBarrierReef @greatbarrierreeffoundation #greatbarrierreefmarinepark ?www.barrierreef.org/the-reef/the-value or see link in bio for full report

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He continued by pointing out that “Once Amazon’s new headquarters is finished it will include space to shelter 200 homeless people”:

Amazon's new headquarters in downtown Seattle is turning heads.

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Some nature news to celebrate was how the snow leopard was upgraded in conservation status from “endangered” to “vulnerable”. And that “HIV/AIDS is no longer the leading cause of death in Africa.” (!!!):

He may not be living the life most “civilised” people outside Africa live because people will say she should have got him a nanny or keep him in a baby walker. What we see is contrary, we see a queen tasing a king & he seems to know it. Don’t be afraid to raise your children the African way! No one has the right to tell you how to nurture your beloved. #motherhood #mamaafrica #youthbrandingafrica

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Atkins also noted that “Honey bee populations have increased by 27%,” with researchers also determining that insecticide doesn’t kill bees.

He also singled out some regional milestones such as a shoe company in Argentina creating shoes from recycled tires, while also employing only women from rural areas.

Among other things, he was also proud to share that crime in the United States dipped by 2.7% for the year, which is honestly something the world should be happy about given all that CNN tells us.

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Here’s to a longer list for 2018, Jacob! Keep your head up!

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