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Man travels 800km to assault the woman who gave his store a bad review

If you think getting your package delivered to you late is bad, well then, think again.

In the city of Zhengzhou in China’s Henan Province, an online seller attacked a woman who gave his store a bad review. More shocking, he even travelled more than 800 kilometres to do it.

According to reports, the incident happened last month shortly after the woman left a complaint on online marketplace Taobao, saying that her clothing order was already four days late.

Irked by the negative feedback, the vendor threatened her through numerous calls and texts, and even at one point, sent her death threats.

A few days later, the buyer received a notification about her package. She was told to pick it up at a specified location, but upon arriving there, she came face to face with the irate seller.

CCTV footage, which has now been taken down, showed the assailant pushing, kicking, and slapping the helpless victim. She suffered a concussion, fractures in her elbow, and several injuries over her body, as a result of the assault.

While getting treated at the hospital, she also got a text from her aggressor, telling her that he’d travelled 800 kilometres to “teach her a lesson.”

On January 6, the attacker was arrested and given a 10-day detention. His online store, meanwhile, has been suspended.

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