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Taiwanese man divorces his wife who showers only ONCE a year

In news that should be celebrated by men across all countries and continents, the New Taipei City District Court approved a petition for divorce early in January.

This wasn’t your typical case, though, but one wherein the man “claimed psychological torture due to his now ex-wife’s unsanitary habits.”

We wish we were making this up, but here’s what happened: While the plaintiff remains anonymous, his nasty ex was conveniently revealed as “Lin” to the press. She was accused of bathing just once in a calendar year, and refused to regularly brush her teeth or wash her hair.

Like every other marriage, the romance ended on honeymoon night for the couple. Lin had apparently only bathed once a week when they started dating, and it just went downhill from there. (Really, mate?)

According to this Taipei Times report, “The man said that due to Lin’s unhygienic habits, they only had sex once a year, which prevented the couple from having children for a decade.”

(We hope that was the day she showered. We really do.)

The same report also stated that “Lin did not have a job, but also dissuaded him [the now ex-husband] from working, asking him instead to stay at home and cook for his father-in-law, who had difficulty moving around.”

So our man married a woman who just showered once a week, and soon stopped showering after the wedding. She then proceeded to become an unemployed bum, and had her crippled father in tow. What a mess. Someone somewhere is furiously writing a movie script based on this.

On one hand, Lin may have subscribed to this school of thought that humans shouldn’t really shower as much as we think we should. On the other, she just seems like a terribly disgusting and insensitive individual, and we think the separation serves the common good. We wish the two and their families the best.

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