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In Russia, man drives stolen tank into store just to get a bottle of wine

To be honest, we’d have done the same.

Last week in a small town in the northwestern Russian region of Murmansk, a man rammed a stolen tank into a convenience store just so he could get himself a bottle of wine.

According to reports, the man took the armored personnel carrier from a lot belonging to an army-backed driving school facility. He then drove it across town, wrecking a car and scaring countless passersby along the way.

And because commandeering a tank is hard work, he eventually decided to have a bit of vino as a reward.

CCTV footage showed the vehicle slamming into the store’s windows. With his tank ‘parked’, the man exited through the hatch, briefly inspected the damage, and then went inside the shop to get his bottle.

An armored vehicle

Witnesses did not seem surprised or rattled by what just happened. This is Russia after all.

“Basically some guy stole an armored vehicle… and went into a shop to top up his stocks in the morning,” said one social media user while filming the scene out of his window.

The unnamed aggressor was later on arrested. It’s unknown whether or not he was able to at least finish drinking his bottle of wine before that.

Via Reuters

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