Featured Image for Guy who thinks Women’s March is applauding him has never been more wrong

Guy who thinks Women’s March is applauding him has never been more wrong

A guy ~actually~ thought he was being furiously cheered by hundreds of women during the “Power to the Polls” march in New York City last Saturday. Yeah, we men are sometimes THAT oblivious.

The Big Apple was one of the dozen sites around the globe where hundreds of thousands of women marched in defiance of Trump on the first anniversary of his presidency.

Comedy writer Frank Lesser, who worked behind the scenes on The Colbert Report, was part of the demonstrations and witnessed the hilarious and awkwardly symbolic incident.

As the crowds march past a multi-story apartment block, some random guy (in what looks like his underwear) peeks out of his window to meet this massive sea of mostly female protesters.

Well, what does he do? What any ‘sensible’ male should do at the sight of the biggest female movement of the 21st century.

“He was raising his arms and everybody’s cheering,” Lesser told BuzzFeed.

“It really looked to me and my friends like he thought they were cheering for him.”

The most hysterical part of it all is that the guy really does have a reason to be confused: the crowd actually was applauding and shouting in his direction. What took him far too long to realise is that all that attention was actually directed towards a woman dressed as Supergirl, who was posing for the crowd from a landing several stories above him.

The comedy writer documented the whole thing in a series of pictures that have been shared to oblivion throughout social media. He takes the embarrassing blooper as an analogy to the stance some men take when women are under the limelight.

“This is a great moment, that everybody’s coming together and supporting these very movements towards equality between the sexes and feminism and the Me Too movement,” Lesser said.

“But there’s an impulse for a lot of guys to be like, ‘No, look at me, look at how I’m approving and supporting all of this.’ And I think that tweet sort of encapsulates that.”

This weekend’s massive gathering comes 12 months after millions of women marched in Washington following Trump’s inauguration.

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