Featured Image for Audi’s inspiring new advert puts a modern spin on fairy tales

Audi’s inspiring new advert puts a modern spin on fairy tales

Whoever still thinks little girls can only play with Barbie dolls needs to watch this.

Riding the wave of the #MeToo movement, Audi Spain decided to throw their horse in the race. In their latest advertisement, they teamed up with Proximity Barcelona to make a statement in behalf of young ladies everywhere.

Entitled Ever After, the five-minute video starts with a father reading her daughter to sleep. The bedtime story begins typically, in a faraway kingdom with a fairy godmother. But once the pumpkin turns into a carriage, the little lady asks, “It had lots of horses, right?” And that’s when the ad takes off.

We won’t spoil it for you. Watch the full English version below:

Brilliant. We love how all the fairy tale classics of the big bad wolf, the grand palace, and Prince Charming are there.

Inspiration for the ad came from no less than Audi driver and 1981 World Rally Championship winner Michèle Mouton:

“It seemed crazy…but not to the Audi team or to my father,” said Mouton about the Championship. “He was the first person who believed in me, the first person to tell me there were no forests, wolves or charming princes to stop me being what I wanted to be. He bought me my first car, and that’s why I’ll be grateful forever.”

Good on Audi Spain for doing this (again) to help break gender stereotypes and empower women. If you missed their The Doll That Chose to Drive campaign last year, watch it here.

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