Guy illustrates all the funny things he overheard people saying

Avner Geller, an artist who works at Dreamworks Animation, has come up with a humorous series that illustrates all the amusing conversations he overhears.

The series, called #ThingsThatiHear, features colourful images of everyday life with captions that border on the absurd, as well as strangely depressing.

For instance, the picture above shows two guys talking over coffee, with one saying, “It’s okay if I don’t do well as long as everyone else is doing worse.” The other illustration imagines a yoga class with the instructor telling everyone, “Now let’s all take one last deep breath before we have to go home and face our families.”

In an interview with Bored Panda, Geller recalled how the series got started.

“The idea for #ThingsThatiHear arrived when I was visiting a cookware store in Los Angeles. A young woman was looking at her phone and gave a big sigh, turned to her friend decisively and exclaimed, ‘He wants to go to Bali. But I say Fiji!’

“I couldn’t help but laugh. The absurdity of this ‘first world problem’ was too much. From that moment on I started to catch all sorts of real-life conversations, that eventually turned into these illustrations.

He added that the characters in his drawings are a reflection of the people we know, as well as ourselves.

“They are our office mates who complain to us about the daily grind. They are the awful online date we are trying so hard to forget. They are the people silently stalking our Facebook.

“More than anything they are the US when we think no one is listening.”

Geller, who has had a hand in the creation of films like Mr. Peabody and Sherman, The Penguins of Madagascar, and Troll, promises to put out more illustrations, with the hope of someday compiling all the images into a book.

You can see more of Avner Geller and his work here.