Featured Image for Absurd photos of Trump ‘hard at work’ during government shutdown have Twitter in stitches

Absurd photos of Trump ‘hard at work’ during government shutdown have Twitter in stitches

As you know, the US government is in shutdown… and of course, we have Trump to blame.

The shutdown has been in effect since Friday evening, and Democrats are blaming Republicans while Republicans are blaming the Democrats – meanwhile, everyone else is blaming Trump.

Basically, a whole heap of government agencies are shutting down after a funding bill was blocked by the Senate.

Democratic senators are refusing to fund the government unless the President agrees to acknowledge and handle the outcome of the 700,000 illegal immigrants that were brought to the USA as children.

So, in this shutdown, non-essential government figures are given leave of absence with no pay. National security, public safety officers, and all those important people stay employed.

Anyway, to show the public that President Trump is still doing his job, the Whitehouse released a bunch of photos of him “working hard”.

Unfortunately for the president, the photos achieved pretty much the opposite effect. They look so absurdly staged that Twitter is completely losing its collective shit.

Let’s be real – we all know that Trump is playing golf at home or applying fake tan (a nice shade of orange) by the pool.

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