Could this be the worst unboxing video of all time?

After many moons of arduous negotiations at the highest corporate level, Lost at E Minor finally got hold of one of the most expensive and coveted headphones on the planet. The only problem was, we’re not very good at unboxing. #fail

For some mysterious reason, rooted in the deepest, most inexplicable workings of our intricate brain, unboxing videos provide the most oddly satisfying feeling.

The Lost at E Minor team, the passionate art aficionados that we are, attempted to instil all the elements that constitute good drama into the simple, yet surreal act of opening a cardboard box.

Tension, motivation, plot building, grace… our team put their best effort into revealing to the world the $5,500 contents of this box as an analogy to life itself.

In a clear homage to the best of horror cinema, we stabbed the cardboard furiously over and over again, in a dance of violence that would make Alfred Hitchcock proud.

Not content with just that, we tore the outer packaging to insignificant little pieces in a flamboyant explosion of kinetic energy and vigour.

Still unsatisfied with the painful buildup, in a clear nod to the imperious fall of capitalism, we audaciously dared to hold this magnificent example of technological achievement upside down.

Oh well, you can’t say we didn’t try.