Featured Image for Trump’s suss health report inspires the “girther” movement and we love it

Trump’s suss health report inspires the “girther” movement and we love it

The results from Trump’s recent medical check have inspired all kinds of mockery and ridicule on the net, igniting the so-called “girther” movement.

The “girther” movement is a humorous twist on the famous “birther” conspiracy theories which falsely claimed that former president Barack Obama wasn’t born in the US. Donald Trump was one of the most persistent advocates of said theory.

Presidents in the United States undergo regular physical examinations, which is pretty much standard in most countries in the world – nothing to be surprised about there.

What’s kind of weird is that in the land of Uncle Sam, these results go public.

The report says the ex-reality star stands at 6ft 3in, (1.9m) and weighs 239lb.

But people aren’t buying it, and many took to social media to claim Trump is shorter and heavier than what the report suggests. Enter MSNBC host Chris Hayes with this absolute gem:

The White House released Trump’s official medical report yesterday, and people are going crazy over the details.

Hayes’ tweet sparked a veritable explosion across Twitter: in less than 48 hours, there have been more than 60,000 tweets about the #girther movement.

One of the most popular is one showing a pic of Trump’s driving license, which clearly shows that he’s actually 6ft 2in (1.88m), a bit shorter than what the White House physician reported.

The image first appeared back in a 2016 article on Politico.

Other social media users have been comparing Trump with Obama and various professional athletes of similar height and weight, pointing out the evident disparity in their appearance.

Admittedly the latter is a little unfair, but it still makes for amusing #girther content.

The independence of the physician in question, Dr. Ronny L. Jackson has been put into doubt as well, although he also oversaw two of Obama’s medical examinations during the former president’s time in office.

Even Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn jumped into the debate, using the #girther hashtag to offer US$100,000 to charity if the president agreed to go back to the scale and be examined by a different doctor.

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