Reality meets fantasy in these Photoshop creations of fruit and vegetable houses

These magical homes are the stuff of dreams.

If like me, you never got the chance to build a treehouse when you were a kid, surely you figured something else out. There were empty delivery boxes, sheets and pillows, and pretty much whatever we got our hands on. We all constructed our imaginary castles and dug our makeshift trenches. What a feeling it was, of youthful innocence and creativity, to have thought all that up and built them with our own hands.

Fast forward to present day, and it’s obvious some of us never quite grew up. This time, though, we’ve got new toys to play with. Photoshop, in particular, allows our imaginations to run wild, and lets us design the crazy ‘home improvement’ ideas we’ve got.

Bored Panda compiled a gallery of these homes. These works of art remind us of this guy who could turn typical photos into Hollywood-worthy dreamscapes. From pears to pumpkins, these artists never ran out of ripe ideas. Here’s a preview:

For the full photo set of fruit and vegetable homes, and then some, click the link below.